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What We Offer

Work 4 U is a Community Support Agency that goes beyond standard models of employment programmes and creates an integrated and overarching framework for the delivery of support services.

Networking with other recent and current initiatives in Kirklees and drawing on the services already available, the agency will meet the needs both of individuals who have been excluded from the labour market and of local employers.

  • Recognized SFEDI Training Center
  • Recognized UK Online Centre
  • Employer, Employee & Volunteer Resources
  • Support During and After Job Placement
  • Free Use of Computers & Internet Access
  • Free IT Training


  • Provide Adviser
  • Initial Skills, Needs & Job Prevention Issues Assessment
  • Develop Employee Support Package
  • Employee Job Match
  • Provide Post Placement Support
  • Monitor & Respond To Employee Issues


  • Employer Vacancy Needs Assessment: Current & Future
  • Employer Support With Policies and Procedures To Sustain Employment
  • Develop Employer Needs Package