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Training and Education

Acquiring New Skills

Acquiring new skills or upgrading present ones, including literacy and basic skills is the key to improving your chances of finding or maintaining a job.

In today's workforce, employers are constantly requiring new and higher levels of skills because of continuing technological changes in the workplace.

If you need assistance in identifying what skills you need or how to access the various training opportunities available, contact Work 4 U today.

Once you've completed your career plan with one of our advisor's, the next step is to find out who can provide the type of training to meet your needs. 

Check out the links on the link page for the various categories of training interests which provide information on accessing local and other training opportunities.

We are also responsible for assisting our clients in making applications to Employment

Skills Training 

Need to obtain or improve job skills? Perhaps you're considering different types of work. Find out what resources are available - Loads of Links! on our links page. 

Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship 

Build a rewarding career with a skilled trade! Did you know that skilled workers are in high demand in a rapidly changing workforce?

English As A Second Language

If your first language is other than English, find out what resources are available in our community.

Literacy and Numeracy 

Did you know that literacy improves employment opportunities and can lead to higher wages? Workplace literacy skills involve reading, writing, and math skills as well as other skills that employers need. There are free Literacy and Basic Skills programs in your community which will help with reading, writing and working with numbers.